Old Age Has Begun to Set In!

After many years of denying the sad truth, I discovered 2 weeks ago that I have an Astigmatism in my eyes. So the day has come for me to get glasses. The picture above is my fancy new glasses. I had them on Tuesday, but they messed up my prescription, so as a result my left eye was actually blurrier with the glasses on then without them. Also they were doing this weird distortion thing to everything I looked at, so as a result, when I got close to flat surfaces, it looked as if everything should just slide right off… oh yeah, and my monitor was a Trapezoid lain on it’s side. So it was back to the eye Dr. where they realized they had made the left lens incorrectly… DUH! 😉 Well as soon as I have them, I will get a picture posted for all.


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