Condo Update: The Floors are Finished

Well the latest update to my condo is finished. I have put in new laminate hardwood floors. As some of you may know, I am trying to sell my condo so that Dan and I might move into a house. The carpet in the living room had constantly been a down point for people looking at the place. So the past two weekends, I have spent ripping out the carpet and with the help of my realtor and her partner, we have put in these beautiful maple floors. If you want to see more pictures of what other renovations I have made feel free to visit my renovation web page.

So should any of you know of anybody looking for a place to buy, please let them know about my place. Asking price is $106,400.00 with a $400 credit for bathtub re-glazing. To find out more about the unit, it is listing 304582 on, or you can contact my real estate agent: Deborah Etheridge of Renaissance Realty at 303-744-9415 or e-mail


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