Sensitivity Shmensitivity! Don’t Mock My God!


Long time cast member of “South Park” Isaac Hayes has left the show after 9 seasons due to religious differences. He feels that the writers have crossed a line in too far with their stance on religious, and also that they are bigoted towards religion. This as a result of a recent episode that made fun of Scientology, a religion that Mr. Hayes is a long time and devoted member of.
Matt Stone has been quoted as saying:
“This is 100 percent having to do with his faith of Scientology… He has no problem _ and he’s cashed plenty of checks _ with our show making fun of Christians.” -Associated Press
In this day of Political Correctness, we need shows like South Park that cross that line to make us realize how ridiculous many of our traditions and practices are. I am sad to see him leave the show, but if he can’t laugh at himself, then he really has no right to laugh at others! I think one of Dan’s friends has the perfect solution to deal with Chef’s character. Fuck You Dan (as I refer to him, since he says Fuck every other word) thinks that they should have Chef have some horrible accident that leaves Chef white. Then they have Barry Manilow come in as his replacement for Chef’s voice!


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