That Big News!! A Week Late, But I Can Now Announce It

My offer has officially been accepted on a house! I found out today that the bank has sent back a signed contract. So now, pending an inspection this Friday, I will be the proud owner of a 2 bedroom, 1 bath (eventually 3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths) home in Aurora.

It has a huge backyard (did I hear BBQ?) with the potential to add on to the house later. The garage no longer exists as the previous owners started converting it to a room, but never finished it. That will be the future master bedroom! It needs some TLC, but it was priced right. So anyone thinking of some nice housewarming gifts, Lowe’s gift cards will work very nicely! (Oh and Target) 😉 Dan and I are trying to agree on colors for the different rooms! But we both agree the Dumbo and Goofy in the second bedroom must go! There is a large painting of the two of them in the room.

We are planning to have a housewarming party shortly after moving in. More details to come on that! It has a cute picket fence around the front as you can see, Dan plans on painting it white of course! And maybe eventually the garage door will be gone, since there is no garage anymore. Well, I will post more about the house as soon as I have the info. If all goes well, I will close on April 12th, and Dan and I will be moving on Tax day!


2 comments on “That Big News!! A Week Late, But I Can Now Announce It

  1. C’mon!!!! Can’t you figure out some way to keep Dumbo and Goofy (uh-hhhuh)? You know keep their heads and put the naked figure of Venus or David or Adam underneath. And do you we get to at least SEE Dumbo and Goofy (uh-hhhuh) before you destroy the masterpieces?

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