I Told You We Had Goofy! (Well, Pluto): Pictures!


So I had Dan take some pictures during the inspection! Here they are in their glory! Dumbo, Pluto (I was corrected, it’s not Goofy, oops!) and Donald! I have also put some other picture of the house up. Never have Dan take pictures if you are trying to document something! He likes to go for the artsy fartsy pictures! 😉

It is going to need a little more work than I had thought, but still at $97k I think we’ll be fine. It needs a new roof and a new furnace, so if you know anybody in the furnace business, please let me know. I am still very excited and can’t wait till we get to move in! Moving day may be delayed depending on how much prep work we can get done leading up to April 15th, otherwise, it will be the following Saturday. It will definitely be an adventure fixing this place up, but in the end I think it will be really nice and perfect for the two of us!

I look forward to having a get together with everyone so you can see our new home!


8 comments on “I Told You We Had Goofy! (Well, Pluto): Pictures!

  1. Congratulations! I’m so bummed that I will have to miss your housewarming party. The next time I am in Colorado I will have to check out the new pad, and of course I will have to meet Dan. Looks nice pal – take it easy!

  2. You are going to have so much fun with this house…both of you actually! Can’t wait to get invited over.

  3. just want to say congrats! and that’s NOT Goofy, it’s Pluto!!! Maybe someday I’ll get back out to Denver and get to see this new house (and meet Dan) and you can meet my husband Paul. Take care and have fun fixing up the house!

  4. Sorry, had to. I’m starting to get anonymous ‘funny’ people posting comments to my blog so that must mean I’m popular.

    One, you didn’t tell me about the Donald. The Donald simply must stay. I can’t stress this enough. If Donald go; Howard no visit except if there is food cooked by Dan, then Howard will cause accidents getting there so quickly.

    Two, in all seriousiness, the house really does look great. Congrats. At least the pictures do it justice currently.

    Three, what’s wrong with ‘artsy-fartsy’ pictures? Perhaps the blog could do with one or two. (Oh, I went there and came back)

    Four, are those tiles in the one picture purple? Purple? Hayes, they have to stay.

  5. Hey–CONGRATS! It looks awesome and will be so much fun to fix up. Great deal too…can’t wait to see pictures as you decorate! Have fun with it!!!

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