The Non-Smoking State of Colorado!

So today, Colorado became the 13th state to make a statewide ban of smoking in Restaurants, Bars and the workplace! In one of the first things that Governor Owens has done that I am actually happy about, he signed the House Bill 1175. The law goes into effect on July 1, 2006. As a non-smoker, I have had to give up on going to bars because of the second hand smoke that permeates these places. I always liked going out for a fun night of dancing, but couldn’t handle the smoke. I always started feeling sick, and had a hard time breathing. I know that many smokers feel that we are taking some of their freedoms away with this new law, but when their actions are unhealthy for people around them, it is the non-smoker’s freedom that has been taken away. I am very happy to know that in a few months, I will finally be able to head out and spend time with my friends who like to frequent the bars again! Thank you Owens for doing something good for the State of Colorado!


4 comments on “The Non-Smoking State of Colorado!

  1. Yes! Let’s make it easier to go out and use the other legal drug, alcohol. Weee!

    Okay, I’m kinda kidding. I do get frustrated with people who don’t consider the liquid fire they are drinking to be a drug.

    I do agree that it is for the better. It’s been proven in those other 12 states that the bars don’t lose any money by forcing smokers to do their thing outside. I’ll be more inclined to go out again once the ban is in effect.

  2. No Howard, that’s when you rip that person to shreds and then make them buy you a new shirt. DUH!

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