Got Something You Wanna Get Rid Of?

So I was told about a great resource. It’s called
This site is a great place to get rid of that item that you just don’t want to throw into a landfill. Basically the idea of the site is to get rid of unwanted stuff by giving it away to the first person willing to come pick it up. Once you have given something away, you are allowed to make requests for an item you might need that someone else wants to part with! Everything is free, all you have to do is go pick it up!

I recently used it to get rid of a printer I had that I no longer had the patience for as it always jammed. So I listed it with freecycle, and now two days later it belongs to a lady that came and picked it up! She wanted to try and fix it and get it working right again! I’m all for it, and that big tank of a laser printer is gone now! One less heavy thing to move! It was a little scary though, the woman kind of smelled a bit of urine, but she was nice enough. It was weird though, she was very unhygienic, but drove a porsche!

With a new house around the corner, I may be looking for quite a few items!


4 comments on “ Got Something You Wanna Get Rid Of?

  1. Oh! Well, then I’ll will take all my worldly possessions down there so you can have first pick for your new house.

    I am evil Howard!

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