Disaffected! – They Mock Me! :)

A friend of mine sent me this game. While the game isn’t really an easy one to play, it’s quite funny as it makes fun of the FedEx Kinko’s employees, and stupid customers. I haven’t worked in a branch in over 6 years now, but I am sure the experience is still the same, and this game does a great job of capturing it! Gotta be able to laugh at yourself though! The fact that someone had enough time and energy to create a game about my workplace shows just how bad things are at FedEx Kinko’s these days.

from the game’s website:
“Disaffected! gives the player the chance to step into the demotivated position of real FedEx Kinkos employees. Feel the indifference of these purple-shirted malcontents first-hand, and consider the possible reasons behind their malaise — is it mere incompetence? Managerial affliction? Unseen but serious labor issues?”

By qphayes Posted in Humor

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