Sorry for the Lack of Updates

They are all gone! It is now a white wall waiting for it’s new coat of Gray! We have started the kitchen, it is Spa Green for the ceiling and Sprig of Mint for the walls. I will get some pictures tomorrow for you! But, alas, the Disney room is no more! And good riddance Alexis! (Curse you damned child!) There was gum on the ceiling, and more stickers than you can shake a stick at! But I guess this is God’s way of punishing me for spitting my gum out in my closet as a child (I thought that was a safe place to hide it since, I had been stealing the fruit stripe from the Safeway). But I was 5, didn’t we all do that? Anyway, we officially move in on Saturday. I do hope to get more accomplished tomorrow than we did today, but that’s because I seemed to be running to Lowe’s every 5 minutes!

Well, off to bed, another long day ahead of me tomorrow! Tomorrow the appliances arrive!


2 comments on “Sorry for the Lack of Updates

  1. So THAT’S what you have been doing! Congrats getting rid of that HIDEOUS room’s walls! Anyway, send me an IM when you get all settled! I miss chatting with you! I’m sick of cruising to find a your replacement.

  2. Does Dan know about the above conversations?

    Anyway, congrats and good luck on making the house…uh, adult and boring. BOOOOOOOO!

    Everytime I come over I’m going to leave gum somewhere you can find it later. BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!

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