I Almost Lost My Mind This Weekend!

Well, I want to take a moment to thank Patricia at La Crosse Plumbing. She has helped make my stressful week, a lot less stressful! Last Saturday, Dan threw a birthday party for my 35th. Things were going great till the toilet stopped working that evening. Dan and I tried plunger after plunger, and nothing worked (we now have 5 different kinds of plungers!). Then we tried an auger to no avail. So I called in the “Professionals.” Never call Roto-Rooter… they are a RIP OFF! They wanted to charge me $4000 to replace the entire plumbing of the house, because it “needed it.”

Well, after having a nervous break down, I finally got sensible and looked on one of the local gay and lesbian sites Cafe Vivid. There I found my savior, Patricia! She came in yesterday and got a good chuckle at the scary plumbing the previous owners had done. Namely a 1 1/2” pipe coming from the bathtub, that connected into a 2” drain… but they never sealed it. So when the drain backed up all the crap started flowing out that pipe and all over the crawl space. She informed me that she could replace the messed up section for around $200 and then I just would need to get a drain cleaner in here to clean out the line. She recommended a place that would do it for $160.

Now I am just waiting for them to call and come out and clean out the drain so we can get back to normal and move back into the house. We have been living back at the condo this week while we having no working bathroom here at the house. I do hope they call soon! I can’t afford another day off from work! So that is the latest saga on the house. Maybe we will be able to have another party soon!


5 comments on “I Almost Lost My Mind This Weekend!

  1. Oh! So the former owners were not only cheap, but none too bright to boot. Fun! Thank you for continuing to scare me into renting.

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