Erasure: The Acoustic Tour – May 16, 2006

Well, my sixth Erasure concert has come and gone. And while, I didn’t get to meet them once again, I did get a nod from Andy! He was about to sing a song off of their 1997 release Cowboy, when he noticed my Cowboy shirt, and that sent him into a reminiscing moment. He remembered, albeit, inaccurately the last time the came to Colorado. He thought it was in 1997 for the tour of the same album my shirt was from. The audience quickly corrected him that they had just been here last year. He got a little embarrassed I think, and then told us an amusing story about how he can’t remember anything, not even two lines of dialogue for a movie he was in.

Some of the major highlights were the Hoedown rendition of Blue Savannah, and the brilliantly perfect Rock Me Gently. Getting to hear their music live with a complete back-up band stripped of any synths helped to reaffirm that I don’t just like them because they are an electronic band, but because dammit, they make great music! And it sounds great in any format! I loved the up tempo country influenced Victim of Love, and Stop was great! As Howard pointed out, Dolly needs to get ahold of this one!

The crowd was amazing, one of the loudest crowds I can remember at a concert! Erasure are certainly not lacking any followers even 20+ years since their first release! Even saw some future fans, saw at least two or three young kids, probably 9-12 that were enjoying themselves! Best of all, I got to see them in my hometown of Boulder! And at the end, Andy gave us all the excitement of looking forward to a new album, or something from them, as he said we would see them again next year! Thanks Vince and Andy for a fantastic night! And thank you Howard for coming and sharing it with me!


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