This fits in the category of â€œWTF?”

So today at work, the place will remain anonymous in order to protect the innocent (namely me), I experienced one of the biggest WTFs in my time there. A few months ago, the company decided to take part of the work out of the stores, and ship the work to India. Thanks George!

Anyway, the past week I have started to experience the work coming from this company in India. The problem I have encountered here is that the company doing the work for us is using newer software than our company supports. So I have had to go back to the store that sent me the job, and ask that they get in touch with India to save the file back to an earlier format for us. So we then have to wait till this is accomplished and the file is sent back to me.

This is not the first time I have encountered jobs in newer versions of the software, but it is the first time it has come from a supposed “within the company source.” I sent out a request to the regional technology personnel. I asked to find out when we would be supporting the software, or if there was a possibility that our facility could upgrade given our special circumstances. They in turn sent that on to their boss.

I got cc’d in on an e-mail that went to someone at corporate, and that response was “Shouldn’t India be using software that we fully support?” So basically, corporate feels that this company, in India mind you, that is apparently more advanced than us, needs to downgrade to meet our company’s needs! Obviously someone didn’t do their research to make sure that everyone was on the same page to start with!

I understand that it is an expensive proposition to upgrade company wide, but when many of our clients are bringing work to us in programs that are newer than we have, it kind of makes us look bad! I guess that is the nature of large corporate conglomerations!


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