A Fun Weekend! NOT!!!

Well, I spent the weekend painting the condo, with some help from Dan. We kept getting comments that the place was too dark, and that was mostly a result of my paint choices in there. So this weekend, I spent it painting the place Lemon White. Let’s hope it does the trick! 🙂

So again, should any of you know of anybody looking for a place to buy, please let them know about my place. Asking price is $104,400.00. To find out more about the unit, it is listing 304582 on realtor.com, or you can contact my real estate agent: Deborah Etheridge of Renaissance Realty at 303-744-9415 or e-mail daeboss@aol.com.


5 comments on “A Fun Weekend! NOT!!!

  1. Really? Those chairs look totally photoshopped in! LOL! Maybe it’s because I know you have better taste than that. 🙂

  2. It’s funny, taking a closer look, I can see how you might think they are photoshopped, the two on the rug do look like they were just dropped in there.

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