All this time, it was Batwoman!

Alex Ross’s Interpretation of Batwoman

After many years of speculation about Batman and Robin, the truth is about to be revealed in the upcoming July issue of 52 (52 is a cartoon series published by DC comics). Kathy Kane, the heroine behind Batwoman will be coming out of the Bat Cave.

Yes, Batwoman is a lipstick lesbian. The rich socialite who has a romantic history with ex-Police Detective Renee Montoya will finally reveal her true nature. As with any Home Depot fairing lesbian, she will shed her purse for a more handy red utility belt.

Originally created in 1956, Batwoman returns after a 30 year absence from the scene after being killed off. But don’t be looking for any of the other super heros. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman do not play a part in her world. Although I imagine Wonder Woman and Batwoman could make a fantastic couple! 😉

By qphayes Posted in Humor

One comment on “All this time, it was Batwoman!

  1. Holy Huge Dyke, Hayesman! I was hopin there was something between Batman and the boy wonder! I mean, the megabytes of gay Batman cartoon porn on my HD would be somewhat of an indication….

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