Killer Vinyl BlingBling!

has created the Record player for on the go. Unlike traditional record players that are big and bulky where the record spins, this one lets the record take a break, while the VW Bus shaped record player that drives around the record. It has a needle that runs along the groove of the record and cranks out the sound in an enclosed speaker. It runs on 1 9v battery, and finally allows you to take your records anywhere that iPod just can’t go!

For about $70, you can get 1 of 7 different colors, or for around $73, you can get the Metallic version. But for the ones with exquisite needs, $515 will buy you the Limited BlingBling Edition pictured above encrusted with real Swarovski Crystal.


Isn’t it just so cute? And, Howard, yes I know it’s an ad, but how can I not let people know about these things!!!


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