Gotta Love Jon Stewart!

No matter where you stand on your feelings about Gay Marriage, you have to agree that the defeat of the FMA is a huge success for freedom in this country. On Tuesday’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart interviewed former Education Secretary, William Bennett, Author of America: The Last Best Hope (Volume I). The topic of discussion was the Federal Marriage Amendment. Yes, the very one that Bush himself spoke of his support for this past Monday.

The Malcontent has a blog containing the clip of this interview for you to watch. A great interview by Stewart! I think one of his best points in the interview is when he tells Bennett that this is a debate about wether the gay community is part of the human condition or just another random fetish in response to Bennett say that it’s a debate between wether you believe that marriage is between a man and woman, or between whoever. Jon gets some great points in, and by the end Bennett even admits that Gay Marriage is inevitable.

Yesterday, the Senate sent a very clear message that we shouldn’t be writing discrimination into our constitution, regardless of what it is that it is “supposed” to be protecting. I said that regardless of your stance on Gay Marriage, you should be glad that this didn’t pass. What do I mean by that? Exactly this: If this had passed, it would have sent a precedence that could have resulted in many more amendments that you might have had issue with. Jon Stewart uses the example of maybe someday they decide that only certain classes of people can get married. Maybe a stretch, but it’s something to think about.

While I am in no rush to want to get married, I do want to know that someday if Dan and I were to decide to take it to that next level that it would be legally recognized, and be extended the tax benefits, health, and hospital visitation rights of any other “legal” couple out there. Yesterday’s defeat is a sign that maybe someday this might be a reality for us.


2 comments on “Gotta Love Jon Stewart!

  1. I saw that episode last night, and I was like. YEAH, BABY! Fuck those damn conservitives and their off-hand self-justifications! Who’s the man now, Bitch? There were like… MANY times that asshole stuttered, and I was all rootin’ Jon and stuff;

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