C|NET is reporting a massive rumor. Could it be true? Could Apple be looking to acquire Nintendo? This could be a very interesting development if it were to happen! I think that C|NET points out some very good reasonings in their article about why this might happen.

“Consider this: the Mac Mini currently retails for not much more than the forthcoming Sony PlayStation 3 will. The Mac Mini can play high-definition video, edit music and photographs, surf the Web, word process and edit video — things no console can currently do well, if at all. The Mini also runs Apple’s extremely robust OS X operating system. What if the Mini could also play Nintendo games? And not just play Nintendo games, but play Nintendo games specifically tailored to the strengths of the Mac Mini’s hardware? Would Apple have a viable console on its hands? And if so, could it penetrate the mainstream consumer market with Macintosh computers in a way that has constantly eluded it in the past?”

This will be a very interesting rumor to keep an eye on. Maybe it’s all hogwash, but who knows. Maybe with Nintendo’s strides in design lately, they might just make a perfect fit!


2 comments on “Appletendo?

  1. No, No. No. Apple and Nintendo can NOT POSSIBLY get together. If it were Apple and Sony, I’d give it my blessings. But nintendo?! Eww! It’s like… Apple puting intel chips into it’s computers! Whats next? They’ll let gays get married?!

  2. Apple & Nintendo. It’s a marriage made in heaven! And I’m not just saying that to piss Dustin off. I could play Zelda on a Mini? COOOOL!

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