The Funny Thing Is…

So today I had to get up early and take our decrepit oven and exchange it for a working one. On the way back, my iPod decided to play The Funny Thing Is… (Unabridged) by Ellen Degeneres. This is quite a funny listed so I decided to listen to it again.

Well, I got back and went to hook up the oven, only to realize the old connection hose I had wasn’t going to work, so off to Lowe’s it was. On the way back, I decide I need to stop at the Target Greatland on Havana, not the Super Target like I usually go to.

Well, I am still listening to the audio book when I pull into the parking lot. As I pull into a spot, Ellen had just started talking about how she felt like she needed to do something she would be remembered for. So what did she decide to do? She decided to get a bunch of apple seeds from an apple, and, ala Johnny Appleseed, she decided to go and randomly through the seeds for planting at, where else? but her local Target Greatland!

Unfortunately it obviously wasn’t the one on Havana, as I didn’t see any apple trees. Anyway, that’s my Freaky iPod story in tradition of Howard’s stories of his weird happenings!


4 comments on “The Funny Thing Is…

  1. Hayes, Howard, and you too Dan. You are all gay geeks. The whole lot o’ yas!

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