They Better Get Our Release Form!

South Bay University
has spent the past few months trying to unclog their drains after a student accidentally dropped their pink iPod Mini down the drain. Maintenance crews spent much of the spring semester trying to get this indestructible device out of their drains. They finally had to call in a professional contractor to take care of it. He only ended up getting it to move 20 feet, so they finally had to have a water company blast it causing many of the second floor toilets to do their imitations of Old Faithful.

At a cost of $1000 per week for months, it makes me feel much better about the $365 I had to spend to unclog my toilet after my birthday party! I guess I will have to be sending a copy our our release form to use the bathroom to the school!

The one thing I am left wondering is if the iPod still worked after all that… and if it does, who in their right mind would want to use it?!?!


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