2 Years!!! Who Knew!?!?!

Well, today is officially 2 years for Dan and I. 2 years ago today we had our first awkward date at Spiderman 2. It doesn’t seem possible that 2 years has flown by already. But then I think back on all the changes since we met, and I realize, that yes it is true!

I will never forget the first time you came over, and after warning you you would probably not see my cat Waldo, you came in, and he walked right up to you. Something he has only done for two other friends of mine ever! I knew there must be something there if he had no inhibition of meeting you.

I have not met someone who makes me laugh so hard it hurts. I know we have had our rough spots, and they will always crop up, but I am so glad to have met someone that has given me the gift of trusting again. So many times before I was burned, that trust did not come easy, and for that I thank you!

I am looking forward to the trip up to Lyons tonight to go play some pinball!!! Here’s to many more anniversaries! Thanks for the Slushy Maker! I can’t wait to try it out tonight! Love ya! Boo.


5 comments on “2 Years!!! Who Knew!?!?!

  1. Thank goodness that Dan got you! You’ve been a ton happier since!

  2. Awww Shucks Boo! You made me blush. It’s been one hell of a ride that I don’t ever want to stop!

  3. Aw! Snif….. I am so glad that you two are so happy. I hope we can throw a party soon to celebrate!

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