It’s My iPod’s Fault!

So it turns out that this next story happened in Dan’s hometown of Castle Rock. This 17 year old, we’ll call him Stupid, decided that he needed to mow the lawn on Sunday. Well, with a huge thunderstorm approaching, Stupid starts his mowing while listening to his Metallica on his iPod.

Well, if the strangest thing doesn’t happen, he gets hit by lightning. And now who’s fault would it be that Stupid decided he had to go mow a lawn in an approaching thunderstorm? No, it’s not the lawnmower, or his own stupidity, it’s his iPod so he claims… He and his mom both reason that his headphones acted as an antenna to attract the lightning, not the huge metal contraption he is using to mow the lawn, oh no, that couldn’t have been it!

I sure hope that if he decides to take this to court and sue Apple for creating a “lightening Rod” the judge just laughs in his face! I guess it just goes to show that Metallica has it’s ways of knowing if you illegally obtained their music!


3 comments on “It’s My iPod’s Fault!

  1. Stupid is as Stupid did. Who mows their lawn in a thunderstorm anyway? You’d think Darwinian laws would have allowed the S.O.B. to quietly be escorted out of the gene pool, oh, but no… Why the fuck is this kid still alive anyway? What a dumbfuck.

  2. ….Its like saying…. “I’m touching this BIG FUCKIN’ METAL FLAG POLE in the middle of a HUGE FUCKIN’ EMPTY FIELD, but it’s my itty-bitty iPod’s fault! a-hurk!”

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