The Nectar of the Gods

Co-Author: Howard @ The Web Pen
We are trying our first collaborative, dual-launch blog posting. Fun, huh?

We loves us some Pepsi. We love the flavor, the caramel color, the bubbly sensation, the soothing blue of the label, and the promotions that actually interest us (free iTunes downloads!) — everything about it. In the Navy, Howard’s friends, Peggy and John, dubbed it “Nectar Of The Gods” and he quite agreed. We even drink it despite the botched ad campaigns with included Michael Jackson, Madonna, Spice Girls and Britney Spears.

My father taught me at an early age about product loyalty. As avid Pepsi drinkers, my family always had Pepsi on hand. One day we went to Burger King for lunch and my father ordered a Whopper with Pepsi. When they informed him that they no longer carried Pepsi, he was so upset that he packed us up and went to find a Fountain Of Pepsi elsewhere. I am now an avid drinker of Pepsi Lime, and was rewarded in 2005 for my loyalty by winning an iPod mini from their iTunes contest — I know, I know, I am a beeyatch.

Now comes another reason we drink it. PepsiCo has integrity. Oh, you read that right. In this day and age, a huge corporation whose businesses include Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and KFC, actually did the right thing. Three employees of Coca-Cola stole materials and a sample the company later identified as legitimate company secrets. They stole these expertly guarded secrets; and, instead of selling them to some small cola company that might want them to help build their business, they go to Coke’s biggest competitor, Pepsi.

Pepsi turned the initial letter over to the FBI who began a sting of the thieves which led to their arrests. That’s right, Pepsi didn’t even bother with the letters. Aren’t they saints? So now we can call it the “Nectar Of The Honest” because if you read Greek Mythology, those gods ain’t so honest. Or nice. Anyway, that 20 ouncer with a chance to win a Motorola Razr is going to make me feel extra refreshed and proud to be a part of the Pepsi generation. Hey! Get those pyrotechnics for the cross away from my hair!


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