What Says Love to that Special Cat, Than Their Own Website?

Keeping in the Pet subject… For that cat that just doesn’t have it all, and feels the need to show off to the world, give them a website! Catster.com is MySpace for your special feline friends. It’s almost like kitty porn for your family of feline friends! Thanks Howard for alerting me to the site! 🙂

Just for the hell of it, I decided to create a page for my two cats Prezley and Waldo. Aren’t they just adorable? it’s kind of a cute idea. I better get my mom to do this so I can make sure she doesn’t get any new cats that I don’t know about! She already has far too many!


So if you have a feline friend, make sure that they are trendy, and get them their own pages! Let them make some new virtual friends!


3 comments on “What Says Love to that Special Cat, Than Their Own Website?

  1. How do they type comments and blogs and request other cats to be their friends and hook up with guys who are too old for them who then goes and kills their parents and says that books are gay?

  2. Oh, Lord. You’re a cat fan too? We had six, now have four (one died last year, one five weeks ago – don’t even go there, I’d had her in my life for 19 years and she saw me through some life experiences, I can tell you!).

    The humans in our home (two) are massively outnumbered. Four cats, three terrapins (turtles) in a five foot tank, a two foot tank of tropical fish (self-replenishing as they breed like billy-o) and two cockatiels (who screw ALL the time).

    The cats despise the computers because they draw us away from essential cat worship (look at me, look at me , LOOK AT ME!) and so we often get clawed when sitting in front of a screen, or they jump up and try to dance on the keyboards. x

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