That Silver Lining!

Well, last week was definitely a week of ups and downs. I finally got to the yard work on Tuesday and Wednesday evening after work. The rain the previous weekend prevented me from getting any of that done!

Monday brought me and Dan visiting a long time family friend of theirs. She had been battling cancer for the last 20 years, and it was finally time for her to go. I got to meet her awhile back at a wedding for some of Dan’s friends from his home town of Louviers, CO. Catie, I could tell from the little I got to know of her, was a special woman. It was apparent that she was a lot of fun to be around, and that she really helped shape the lives of many people that she touched over the years. She passed away this past Friday, but at least left everyone around her feeling relieved that she went peacefully.

Tuesday, Dan found out that his father was having heart problems, and was sent to St. Joseph’s for care. It was finally determined that he needed to have bypass surgery. So he went in for Surgery on Friday. Things seemed a little touch and go, and they were thinking that they might have to put in a pacemaker, but finally Sunday evening just before we left the hospital, his heart rate started to return to normal. It is now looking like he will be returning home this Thursday or Friday. A blessing in disguise was that it brought Dan’s Uncle Dave out to help out. It was a great pleasure to meet him.

On Thursday, I had to go into work at Elitch’s. I was informed that my supervisor, whom is the only reason I really work the two days a week there at this point, had overworked herself. She has ended herself up in bed on oxygen with Pneumonia. I hope for a speedy recovery for her, and ask that we all send energy to her to keep her in bed, as I found out she snuck into work on Sunday against her Dr.’s orders and everyone else! I hope this has taught her to take it a little easy when she does finally return to work, and that she learns to let others help out so she isn’t working 80 hours a week there!

I know I know… so much hardship, can there really be more? Well yes, but in the grand scheme of things, it is so insignificant, so I will just say, that Atilla the Altima is about to be retired from my life, as I look to bring in the more utilitarian Tacoma the pickup. Name to come later after we are acquainted! Be looking forward to the announcement and pictures of the new arrival! 🙂

And finally the week ended with our housewarming! And boy was it WARMMMMMM!!!! As my mom said, “I know you wanted your party to be hot and jumpin, but this is absolutely ridiculous! Referring to the 102º weather we suffered in the un-AC house. I would like to thank the many friends of Dan and mine that showed up to see our new place and hang out! It was a very well needed diversion from the troubles of the past week! I loved seeing everyone, some of you whom I haven’t seen in years! The only think I wish is that when hosting a party, there was an better way of hanging with everyone! But from the early reviews, Our first party was a success, and everyone enjoyed themselves, in spite of the insipid heat!

I do expect those of you out there that missed the party, for whatever reasons you might have had, that we see you at our next party!


One comment on “That Silver Lining!

  1. It was a fun party. Even if we were inside in the corner, but we were having a good time and you were a great host! You gave us slushies!!

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