Finally!! & Kudos!

Thanks to Howard for the tip on this story. I have been a fan of Savage Garden’s music. I have followed Darren as he made his transition into his solo career. Yeah it’s cheesy music, but, like Erasure, their music hit an accord with me. I have wondered about Darren Hayes’ sexuality for years, but there was never any confirmation as he is very private outside of his singing career.

Well, today he has finally come out, and I applaud him. He announced his marriage to his boyfriend of two years in the UK.

From Darren Hayes’ Site:
“On June 19th 2006 I married my boyfriend of two years, Richard, in a Civil Partnership ceremony in London.

I can honestly say it was the happiest day of my life.
I feel lucky to live in an era where my relationship can be considered legally legitimate and I commend the UK Government for embracing this very basic Civil Liberty.”

Here’s to a long and happy marriage for you too! And many more years of music to come!


2 comments on “Finally!! & Kudos!

  1. I’m happy he’s had his happiest day but the guy is C-R-E-E-P-Y. He looks like Liza Minelli & gives me the willies.

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