Toyo TACO!

That was the dealer’s abbreviated name for my new truck on the paperwork… So I would like to introduce everyone to Taco the Tacoma! I felt it a rather appropriate name for where we live. 🙂 I did my research, and this is one of the most fuel efficient pickups, getting about 19 around town, only down slightly from the 23 my Altima got.

I just picked him up this afternoon. So, now, not only do own two properties, but two cars. However (Howard, cover your eyes Ad Alert, Ad Alert!) Atilla the Altima is for sale. If you know anyone who is looking for a used vehicle, this has been a very dependable car for the last 4 years for me. Minus the minor ignition tumbler problem that has been resolved. I am asking $4,245 o.b.o. Anyone interested can e-mail me at

OK, Howard, you can open your eyes now!

After 3 months of being a homeowner, it became quite apparent that a truck is a necessity. I was starting to feel bad about having to ask friends every time I needed something big picked up or taken away. Now I can do it anytime I need to!


4 comments on “Toyo TACO!

  1. I need to quickly comment as I am turning into salt as I look! My eyes!

    Congrats!! And I love the name Taco! It reminds me of “Puttin’ On The Ritz” for some reason.

  2. Sharp! And very handy.

    Uhmmm… Hayes… can I borrow your truck please? I need to haul some cow manure.

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