Weekly Blog-O-Sphere Tid-Bits – July 23, 2006

So following some other’s leads, mainly Howard over at The Web Pen, I am going to start a weekly recap of blog articles I come across of interest. So many blogs out there to choose from, your bound to miss fun or interesting stuff! So I bring you some of it in a nutshell! 🙂

First Up, I will start with Howard at The Web Pen. This week he posted a very humorous write-up of our experiences at Lilith Fair in 1998. A must read… Mind you, don’t read in a cubicle unless you are ready to explain to the office what busted your gut!

Have you heard about Net-Neutrality? Scot-O-Rama has a very informative video about this threat to the internet.

Tired of the people in the next cubicle at work? Life After Coffee has a great solution to start the cubicle warfare!

A newcomer to my list of blogs to check, The Gay Guru has a fun contest going on that sets you out on a search of other blogs he visits. The winner receives a $50 Amazon gift card.

Another new blog I am reading, The Spicy Cauldron is having problems with a gaseous cat.


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