The WB Must Be Swimming In It’s Watery Grave

So this past Tuesday, I came across a new show on iTunes. Having now prior knowledge, other than it was about the Superhero Aquaman, I decided to go ahead and download it. After watching it, I was curious to see what channel it would be showing and when. When to my surprise, I found out that it was a pilot that would never air.

With Lou Diamond Phillips and Ving Rhames, it’s got to be a success, right? Well apparently not to the new CW network that is replacing the WB and UPN this fall. Slated to premiere this Sept on then WB, Aquaman is from the creators of Smallville. But the CW has decided not to pick the show up before it even airs. Given the popularity of Smallville, I must say I am surprised. Even more so after watching the episode. While not the best show I have ever watched, it certainly was not a bomb in my opinion.

Well, I don’t know about CW, but I am sure that Warner Brothers is very disappointed by this decision. Especially now, because since it was added to the iTunes lineup, it has become the #1 downloaded show. Maybe this will be a lesson to networks to test a show in a venue like iTunes to see the reception before canceling it.

The WB passed earlier this year on a series “Nobody’s Watching” that has garnered a lot of buzz on YouTube. I have watched a few episodes myself, and saw potential in the premise. Well, apparently NBC has seen this, and has decided to give it another look, and possibly pick it up for a replacement series. Given this, maybe there is still hope out there for Aquaman someday.


One comment on “The WB Must Be Swimming In It’s Watery Grave

  1. Much like Family Guy and Futurama, the buzz that is generated will probably have the show come up for air soon and be caught in the networks’ trolling nets.

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