Infectious Little Ditty

I came across this infectious little song in a home movie posted somewhere. They have the single on iTunes Ma Ya Hi (Dragostea Din Tei). The group is O-Zone, and I am going to take a wild stab that they just might be gay. I can’t seem to get the tune out of my head now! Lorne, hopefully this will cure your Shasta problem! I am trying a new video service called Veoh for this video. A very Mac friendly site.


4 comments on “Infectious Little Ditty

  1. I kept going “” to the beat. It was weird. I could have sworn I heard them sing about “fettuccine” and a “slutty day” otherwise they were singing in tongues or something.

  2. They have the English version on iTunes. 🙂 This one is either Romanian or Italian, I don’t know which, but if it’s Italian, it would explain the Fettuccine!

  3. Gay? Or just Romanians? First time I heard this song was from this stupid little video:

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