It Seems I Am Not Alone

Just yesterday we were having to go through our inventory of computers here at work. It was rather frustrating because we were having to track down the different models of Dells. We have many different models, however each model number has two different styles, a tower and a compact making it even more difficult to figure out which ones we were looking for.

I commented on how I hate how the PC industry has to have umpteen million different models of PCs instead of a simplified lineup like Apple. A sub-compact, a consumer level and Pro level tower, and the Consumer and Pro level MacBooks. Yes there are different speeds in there, but that is the extent of their lineup.

Well, it seems I am not alone in my frustration with these business practices. MacSlash has linked to a story about a consultant that is trying out the MacBook as its fleet of laptops (for windows unfortunately). The fact that Apple doesn’t have a bazillion different models and drivers to support, has made the Macbook appealing to this company. Fewer drivers to support means better support.

While having a bunch of initial worries, he found out very quickly that they were easily rectified with third party software. The big one being that he needed the delete key on the mac to act like a windows delete key to log in. The other main one being the lack of a right button on the trackpad, also easily remedied with the same key re-mapping software.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of his testing goes! So even if OS X doesn’t get a huge boost from the switch to intel, it looks like it’s possible that their hardware will still get a big boost from other companies thinking the same way.


One comment on “It Seems I Am Not Alone

  1. Ahhh… Mac. So flexible. 🙂 Also just read that the Beta 2 version of Vista doesn’t even stable bugs yet and the industry is telling Windows to just hold off on release until that get a product they can be proud of.

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