OK, Let’s Get the Priorities Straight People!

Hungary is in the middle of building a bridge over the (Blue) Danube. Being that the bridge has been delayed again, the Economy Minister Jábos Kóka has announced a new poll to name the bridge.

Many have thought a great name would be to name it after the founder of Hungary Szent Istvan. So who is currently winning this online poll? Well, he is no founder, nor even a Hungarian. He is the United States own Tough Guy Chuck Norris! Come on people… Chuck Norris? Apparently Hungary has no heros of their own.

Being a Hungarian Bridge, shouldn’t it be named after someone who is at least part of your country? I guess part of the problem is that anyone with internet access can vote. This really shouldn’t be left up to an internet poll.

Well, I haven’t even got my blog up yet, and I am checking the online results, it appears that there has been some major voting going on. Szent Korona is now in the lead with a commanding 37% lead. Szent Korona is The Saint’s Crown. So in the end it looks like they are finally getting their priorities straight!


2 comments on “OK, Let’s Get the Priorities Straight People!

  1. I meant to tell you about that. I saw a thing on the news yesterday while I was at lunch. I personally love the name Chuck Norris

  2. Chuck Norris has no talent He’s like “the boy” on Star Trek: TNG. Last thing you want is to give him Confidence. Chuck must have sold his soul to the devil to get his own TV Show.

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