A Hunk A Hunk O’ Shredded Bear

At the Wookey Hole Caves Teddy Bear Museum in Somerset, England, Barney the Guard dog had a night of vicious and malicious attacks. While on duty guarding the museum, Barney mauled the bears tearing them from limb to limb. Of the victims was the most prized possession, Elvis Presley’s Mabel valued at close to a $75,000. In the end he destroyed more than 100 of the collection’s million dollar collection of bears.

Daniel Medley, general manager of the Wookey Hole tourist attraction, said: “It’s a disaster. The scene is just a horrific mess, with bits of teddy bear everywhere. Some of the bears in the exhibition are behind glass, but some are not and a new cabinet was being built for Mabel.”

The irony of this whole situation? The Museum’s insurance company required the guard dog to insure the bears.


3 comments on “A Hunk A Hunk O’ Shredded Bear

  1. And we claim all the loons are to be found in the American midwest and the White House! Funny story. There’s also a Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green, London, which I’ve visited many times to look at the MB Simon game – the first with a silicon chip in it – and the Mickey Mouse radio, both of which I had but went I know not where. It also has lots of teddies and dolls’ houses, all of which are cool to look at.

    I have a funny story involving an ex and my large collection of stuffed toys but I don’t think my darling D would ever allow me to tell it online. Oh heck – maybe I can tell a little itsy bit of it. Let’s just say a muscle mary I once, um, met had a teddy bear fetish and I kind of went with it for a laugh… *ahem*

    Hey, you think that’s bad. Then there’s the one about the freak who produced a World War II gas mask in the middle of the night and announced he wanted me to put on some very big boots. On that occasion I ran away… x

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