Weekly Blog-O-Sphere Tid-Bits – August 6, 2006

So to start of this week, The Malcontent brings us the second edition of their new podcast.

Life after coffee introduces us to Pug Bowling… OK Dan, I guess we can get a pug someday. 😉

Howard at The Web Pen shares one of his own creations with us.

20sum.com brings a video that I would like to dedicate to Howard, Lorne and Barry (wherever he may be out there!).

I bring news of a sequel to a wonderful Jim Henson Movie from the 80s! Tokyopop is writing a sequel to Labyrinth. If you need a refresher, here is the preview:

Make sure to watch Macrumorslive.com on Monday Aug 7th starting at 11am MST to see what Mr. Jobs has in store for us at WWDC. Maybe that new phone I have been wanting? 😉

and Finally, Dan brings us a story close to my heart from Musings of a Damaged Mind.


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