OK, So The Tub Is Finished!

Well, the Condo saga continues. Still haven’t been able to get the condo sold, but I am hoping this latest upgrade finally does the trick. I guess it was so bad before that I never managed to get any before shots. But for those of you who have been to my condo probably remember how bad the tub looked before.

Well, a few delays from the guy doing the work later it is finished at it looks like a brand new tub! Also gone are the nasty mint green tiles that were out of place in the bathroom, replaced with white to help match the rest of the bathroom. A fresh coat of light lemon yellow paint, and it doesn’t even look like the same bathroom!

Now hopefully there is nothing standing in the way between me and selling the place! I have reduced the price to $101,900 as well. Again, if you know anyone who is interested, they can contact my real estate agent: Deborah Etheridge of Renaissance Realty at 303-744-9415 or e-mail daeboss@aol.com.


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