May the Fun Keep Coming Denver’s Way

That was an old commercial from Elitch’s original location at 38th & Tennyson. Yesterday, Six Flags announced that Elitch Gardens is officially for sale. $170 million is the asking price. While the City of Denver has said they do not want to rezone the area to be used as anything but an amusement park, there are many developers that see things differently.

While the asking price makes it clear that this is for the whole park, rides and all, it is quite possible that if the right offer comes along, Six Flags will be more than happy to take their rides elsewhere and let them get the land re-zoned and developed into more condos (just what Denver really needs?).

The thing I don’t understand is how these developers can even think it would be a great idea? To one side there is the Pepsi Center and the Universal Lending Pavilion. That’s a lot of traffic and noise to live right next to. The land the park sits on was never properly cleaned up, so there will be a lot of contaminated soil to get rid of. And, finally, the land is a flood plain. Who is going to want to buy a house or condo in the middle of a flood plain?

Now that the park is for sale, the lobbyists for both sides are going to be out in full force. I do hope that something can be done to get a new owner to come in and continue to operate the park. I would also hope that the city will stay firm on it’s commitment to keep the land zoned for amusement! Elitch’s is Denver’s 5th major tourist attraction. It brings in a lot of revenue for the city beyond the sales tax from sales in the park. It will be a sad day for me if this legend of Denver goes dark and is gone forever.

Please, if you feel the same way, join in writing the City of Denver and let them know how important this place is to Denver. Let’s make sure that the fun does keep coming our way!


3 comments on “May the Fun Keep Coming Denver’s Way

  1. i was told there would be very limited development opportunities on the site because of it’s location in the flood plane. just word of mouth though.

  2. Howard: Of course it will, arent’ the 80’s hip again?

    Hubs: That has been a strong point of my argument as well, but I just found out that in the next 3 years, the city plans to lower the platte in order to accomodate a project for RTD. Once that happens, the land Elitch’s sits on will no longer be a flood plain.

    My hopes are that since the city invested $30 million plus into the park to move it there, that they will fight to keep it, but if the right developer comes along and offers the right amount of bribe, they won’t care about that $30 mil anymore.

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