My Fun Find Yesterday!

So many months ago, before the movie Cars came out, one of my coworkers bought me the Lightning McQueen diecast car. Well, that started me on a search for the other 15 cars. I didn’t want to resort to ebay for them, but was beginning to think I would have to for all of them. Well, yesterday, I went to Elitch’s as I wanted to get some photos of the park in case it isn’t saved (See my past post). As luck would have it, they had just found a box of the cars in their warehouse.

I didn’t get there early enough to get all of the ones I needed still, but I was able to find an additional 10 of them. Still eluding me are Lizzie, Sheriff, King, Sally and Chick, but I am much closer now! 🙂

Anyway, I know it’s just a dorky thing to post, but I got excited about it! 🙂 And I decided I needed a little lighthearted post after my last two.


5 comments on “My Fun Find Yesterday!

  1. Howard: I haven’t had to put tape on my glasses just yet!

    Dan: I freely admit I am a dork 🙂

    Hubs: What is this Coke Cain you speak of?

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