For All Those Sci-Fi Geeks Out There… You Know Who You Are!

William Shatner, in his never ending quest to promote himself has a new contest going for Sci-Fi Fans. He is running a contest to find the most Sci-Fi person out there to be the face of his new Sci-Fi DVD club. All you have to do is create a video of yourself proving your are the biggest Sci-Fi Fan to his contest for all to see. The grand prize winner gets $1,000 and be the spokesperson for the new club that has 5,000 members now.

I am sure these are going to be hilarious, but not because they are good mind you, but because they will be fodder of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 proportion!

Oh, and you don’t have to enter to be a winner… If you vote, you are entered for a chance to win a video iPod!


2 comments on “For All Those Sci-Fi Geeks Out There… You Know Who You Are!

  1. You know some hot babe is going to enter for exposure (pun intended) to launch her career and the geeks, of course, will vote for her because, and I’m so stereotyping here, there are a lot of lonely geeks out there.

  2. Shatner will hire the guy with the biggest ego and the worst dialog delivery 🙂

    Though you may not be able to tell it from my comment above, I’m actually a very happy newly converted sci-fi lover to the idea that the Star Trek universe is vastly superior to that of the Star Wars saga. (This is after 30 years of believing that i would never love anything more than Star Wars).

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