Lyrical Guessing Game

Thanks Howard for this bit o’ fun! I’m going to put the first few lines of the next 25 songs that play in my iTunes. Without resorting to an Internet search engine, can you guess the song and the artist? As people get them right, I’ll mark them out, add the title and artist, and give credit to whomever got it. Try to resisting cheating now. Ready? Here we go!

1. Wearin’ my high boots, Got all my worldlies here in a sack.

2. Strange face, with your eyes, so pale and sincere. Underneath you know well you have nothing to fear.

3. Doesn’t Mean Much, Doesn’t Mean Anything At All. The Life I’ve Left behind me is a cold room. – Sarah McLachlan – Sweet SurrenderHoward

4. I’m all at sea where no one can bother me Forgot my roots, if only for a day.

5. I don’t want excuses. I don’t want your smiles. I don’t want to feel like we’re apart a thousand miles.

6. In sleep he sang to me. In dreams he came. That voice which calls to me, and speaks my name. – Andrew Lloyd Weber – Phantom of the Opera – Dusty

7. I am thinking it’s a sign that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images and when we kiss they’re perfectly aligned. Iron & Wine (Postal Service also correct) – Such Great HeightsHoward

8. On & on & on, here’s the break of dawn coming through the window heart, pull yourself a chair up love.

9. Well I’m leaving my family, I’m leaving all my friends. My body’s at home, but my heart’s in the wind.

10. I never liked this apple much, it always seemed too big to touch. I can’t remember how I found my way before she came around.

11. Oh when they beat upon a broken guitar, and on the streets they reek of tropical charms.

12. It’s getting so lonely inside this bed. Don’t know if I should lick my wounds or say woe is me instead.

13. Moving down the fuselage toward the open door, catch you looking down outside to see what lies ahead.

14. I realize the best part of love is the thinnest slice, and it don’t count for much, but I’m not letting go. Air Supply – Lost In LoveHoward

15. If you see me walking down the street staring at the sky and draggin my two feet, you just passed me by.Atomic Kitten – Whole Again – Andy

16. Take time to see the wonders of the world, to see the things you’ve only ever heard of. Human League – The Things That Dreams Are Made OfHoward

17. You say that we’ve got nothing in common, no common ground to start from and we’re falling apart. Deep Blue Something – Breakfast at Tiffanys – Dan

18. Well here we are again, I guess it must be fate. We’ve tried it on our own, but deep inside we’ve known we’d be back to set things straight. – Cher – After AllAnthony

19. I’m coming in, got the wood stove on at the end of a treasured day, take off my hat and shoes and i lay me down.

20. There’s something I want to tell you. There’s something I think that you should know.

21. Well I’ve been lying awake all night just thinking of you, but a bottle of whiskey lies heavy obstructing my view.

22. Keep, keep it together. Keep people together forever and ever. – Madonna – Keep It TogetherAndy

23. Can you feel a little love. As your bony fingers close around me, long and spindly, death becomes me.

24. If you search for tenderness, it isn’t hard to find. Billy Joel – HonestyAnthony

25. Creamsicle sky while the sun sets in the west. Where are the queers on the piers, heard they gave it their best. Scissor Sisters – Tits on the RadioHoward

Good Luck! 🙂


13 comments on “Lyrical Guessing Game

  1. Okay, Hayes says I have to stop at 5, so I’ll take #25: “Tits On The Radio” – Scissor Sisters. I’ll be back to pick over the left overs like a musical vulture later. 🙂

  2. Dan: I figured since that is your sister’s song, you’d get that one 🙂

    Anthony: Close on Billy Joel, but since you got it in your IM, I will give it to you 🙂 Honestly, the things I must do for you people! 😉

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