Pluto is Dwarfed

Who knew when I erased Pluto from the walls of my office, that I was erasing it as a planet from our solar system! A leading Astronomer from the Czech Republic held a press release today to announce that Pluto is no longer considered one of the planets of our solar system. It has been re-classified as a Dwarf Planet.

I guess we can throw out all those old text books now. Can we get along now as an 8 planet solar system? What will become of the other supposed new planet discoveries? Will they fall in the dwarf category? Or will they help make up for the loss of Pluto?

By qphayes Posted in News

2 comments on “Pluto is Dwarfed

  1. Oh, my god! You killed Pluto! You bastard! Without pluto as a planet, how will we exist with the universal constant of gravity of the Universe out of balance?! Jesus hates scientists.

  2. Gaaa! Everyone is posting about Pluto. It’s so passe now and the news is only a few hours old. Even I posted about it. 🙂

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