Ask and You Shall Receive!


Music: Friendship Update by The Go! Team

So last week at Scott-O-Rama, he had his weekly question of the week. He put the question to us, “Whom from your past do you most regret loosing contact with?” I responded that I most regretted loosing contact with my best friend from like Pre-School to 7th grade John Jenkins.

He and I were inseparable back then, we did everything together. I remember fondly playing in his parents backyard. They had these trees that grew like tunnels around the perimeter of their property. We would break out all the excess branches and weeds and make a tunnel that we would crawl through. We made all kinds of forts in their backyard. I remember one of my early “Rose” moments from their house. I was eating some of the beef jerky they had in the kitchen, and his mom came in and asked what I was eating. I told her it was the delicious beef jerky they had… She was like, that is for our dog! Hmm… oh well, it tasted like beef jerky to me!

Well, the beginning of my 7th grade year, my parents got a divorce. Needless to say, I blamed myself for much of that back then. I realize now that it had nothing to do with me at all, but still, as a result, I withdrew from all my friends at the time, and with John, he was at a different Jr. High, and I just stopped calling him cold turkey. I think some of it was they seemed to have a really good home life, a close family, and I was embarrassed to admit that my parents split. We ended up back at the same high school, but when I would see him in the halls, I would walk right on past him like I didn’t know who he was. You know stupid high school stuff.

Well to this day I have often thought about him, and been very regretful towards the way I treated him back then. I have tried many times over the years to figure out how to get in touch with him, but just in the Denver phone book, there were 100s and 100s of John Jenkins in there, it was like a needle in a haystack!

Well, this past Friday, I got an e-mail from Classmates saying there were like 30 new students registered from my class. I had given up, thinking he was the type not to register for a site like that, when low and behold, he was on there! So I broke down and subscribed to the Gold membership for a year in order to be able to communicate with him.

Well, Saturday, I heard back from him! He graduated from Whitworth College in Spokane, WA and attended a recruiting fair for teachers. He saw a booth looking for teachers in the Pacific. So ten years ago, he moved to Guam, and has been teaching 4th grade elementary there, as well as a Drama in Education teacher at the community college. He is married to a filipina. And she is going to be getting her nursing degree this Spring.

His parents have since moved to the Eastern United States, and his brother is in the Marines living in Yuma, Arizona. So chances are he won’t be making any trips back to Colorado anytime soon, but the most important part to me is that he and I are back in touch, and I have been able to make amends and apologize for just cutting ties with him like that back then! He is very understanding and realizes that back then was an awkward time for all students, and he doesn’t hold anything against me. He is just happy to hear from me after 23 years!

It is so rewarding to finally be able to make that apology after so many years of regret! Definitely makes you realize that you need to hold on to the friends you have!


2 comments on “Ask and You Shall Receive!

  1. Thats wonderful, Hayes! Nostalgia is a wonderful feeling specially if its he happy, warm fuzzy feeling nostalgia. 🙂 I dont dare sign up for classmates myself… k-12… A lot of stupid people, a lot of bad memories, and a few things i’m not proud of… ~loosens tie~

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