100 Posts Old! Labor Day Fun!

So this officially marks the 100th post of qPlog! Today, I bring you an interesting story of a castle that one man has been working on in the mountains of Colorado since 1969, as well as a brief stop at the Colorado State Fair. I got a huge kick out of the picture above from the fair. I always wondered how they never ran out of food at fairs… Well it appears that they go right to the source here!

For Labor Day, Dan, Lorne and I went on an excursion to some interesting parts of Colorado I hadn’t seen before. The first stop we made was to Bishop Castle. This is an amazing landmark that anyone who hasn’t seen, needs to! The picture you see above is the product of one man’s determination to show the world what one person can accomplish.

Started in 1969, Dan Bishop set out on a journey to build himself a castle. Stone by stone, he has single handedly built this huge monument from iron and rock. It has been a work in progress, and he is set to continue working on it until the day he dies, then it will be complete.


While he may be a nut job, and trust me, he was there, we got to listen to him, he is very anti-government and very hateful towards what it represents, you can’t help but admire the man for his accomplishment when you stand before it. It humbles anyone who things that they might have accomplished big things.

He struggled for many years with the government over his removing rocks from the San Isabel National Forrest. He has also worked hard to make it an attraction for the Colorado board of tourism. After many years, the state finally saw the potential and have given it the recognition it deserves. For more on his story, roadsideamerica.com has more info and background on his dementia.

I was in complete awe when looking at this massive structure. While crude in comparison to the castles I saw while in Europe, those were constructed by many people over many many decades. This is one man’s 36 years of dedication. Much of the stairwells are steep and narrow. Once you get to the top, it is quite a view though!

I really did impress myself with getting to the top. While I didn’t got all the way to the ball, I made it to the top of the tower, and given the lack of barriers and the height, I think I did a good job of overcoming my fear of heights to do it! My knees were trembling something fierce at the top, and I was getting a real sense of vertigo that means I didn’t stay for long, but I did it, and to me that is as big an accomplishment for me as him building it, even if I was as pale as a ghost once I got up there from my fear! I have many more pictures of the castle on my roadtrip page of the day’s events.

If you are interested in visiting here are directions to get there: Bishop’s Castle: 12705 CO-165, Beulah, CO • Directions: I-25, turn west at highway 165 going through Rye or Colorado City approximately 27 miles to Bishop Castle. Hours: Daylight hours. Phone: 719-485-3040. It is free to tour, although he does ask for a donation, and to sign the guest book.

After that, we left and headed to Pueblo to visit the Colorado State Fair. I have never been, and thought it was about time. We ate a lot of food! Had to have the funnel cake, which thankfully they still make the old fashioned way! Also had ice cream and a deliciously bad for me italian sausage sandwich! Dan and I rode a couple of the rides, one which at the last minutes sped up to the point where I thought I was going to hurl, and then the spinning coaster. We checked out the petting zoo, and watched a little belly dancing. It was a fun time, and a beautiful day weather wise for us

Well that is it for this 100th edition of qPlog, thank to all my regular viewers and welcome to all you new viewers! I look forward to the next 10o editions as qPlog continues to evolve!


2 comments on “100 Posts Old! Labor Day Fun!

  1. Cool photos Hayes. I’ve been promoting the castle to everybody today, and these’ll help. And good work on the extra info too! You did more research than I did.

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