Computer Envy

Apple today announced their new iMac lineup. You can now get one for as little as $999 for the 17” all the way up to the brand spanking new 24” model starting at $1999. I am seriously considering that it might be time to sell the g5 Power Mac for one of these babies! Spec’d out the way the way I would want it however will set me back $2750. A little more than I can spend right now. 😦 Damn, I wish my condo would just sell!

Also of note the Mac Mini saw a speed bump as well.

Now here’s looking forward to the Announcement of the iTunes Movie Store next Tuesday and see what goodness happens to the iPods!


5 comments on “Computer Envy

  1. I just wish they’d ditch the whole white look. Bored already! Bring back strawberry, lime, blue… Anything but white (for starters, it ain’t feline friendly!). x

  2. Howard: I know, I can get the 24″ iMac fully loaded for about the same price as I paid for my first mac in the early nineties with far more to offer and a screen that is more than twice the size!

    Andy: I don’t know… I think the white looks great myself. I had a grape iMac long ago when they first came out, but I do have to say the white is easier to fit into a décor.

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