Meme Fun With My New Phone

This past week, my old cell phone that has been a pain in my ass finally crapped the big one, so I had to go get a new phone… It just so happens the new iTunes RAZR was released the same day! So to break in my new phone, I decided to do this fun little exercise from Dan to find the soundtrack of my life. Some are quite freaky dead on! Some of them I am embarrassed to admit are in my collection, but they worked!

If you want to participate, here ya go:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, etc).
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every question type the song that’s playing.
5. When you go to a new question press the next button.

Ready? GO!

Opening Credits:
One Way Or Another – Blondie

Waking Up:
You Wanted More – a-Ha (ain’t dat da truth!)

Falling In Love:
I Put Myself Together – Charles Brown

Fight Scene:
Criminal – Fiona Apple

Breaking Up:
Don’t Say No – Erasure

Life’s Okay:
Don’t Dream It’s Over – Crowded House

Mental Breakdown:
Be My Escape – Relient K

Gloria – Erasure

To Have And To Hold – Depeche Mode

Happy Dance:
Hairy Trees – Goldfrapp

In My High School – Blaine Larsen

Final Battle:
Krazy Krush – Ms Dynamite

Death Scene:
What’s Left Of Me – Nick Lachey

End Credits:
Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing – Chris Isaak


4 comments on “Meme Fun With My New Phone


    Hey Blogger Friends!! I am sure we all have something unique to write about tomorrow on the 5 year anniversary of 9/11, but if you are stumped, or you really have your creative juices flowing, here’s another idea for you. Some of you may already be participating in this, but I just found out about it recently. A project called “2996”, has been created for each Hero that died in 9/11, to be assigned a different blogger to pay tribute to that person. That is a huge unity in the blogosphere to be a part of. I admit, that I was a bit squeemish about participating at first. How would the family react to their son being honored by an open homosexual who runs a small blog? Well, I know that I will treat it with the respect and dignity it deserves, and not use it for any purpose or agenda, just an honest tribute to someone I do not know, who perished needlessly at the hands of terrorists. I also thought it would be pretty awesome to show that gay bloggers are interested and affected by 9/11 as well, and what a better format to get our voices heard as well, even if it has nothing to do withourselves. Just the fact of our compassion and understanding of the hell the families are going thru is worth the effort. It is not a small task. The Hero assigned to me has very little that I can look up about him, but I am piecing together as much as I can from some tribute sites to him. They have already assigned all 2996 bloggers a person, but so many are interested, it is way over 3000 now and they are doubling people up to write about our hero’s. If this is something you would be interested in, go to either one of these sites and sign-up. Have a great week blogger friends….The Gay Guru

  2. What’s weird to me is that these phones take ages to be released in the US compared to the EU. It’s always the same – you get them sometimes as long as two years after their release dates across Europe. Not wanting to be a downer – it’s a cool phone indeed – but it’s old news here. Strange. x

  3. Yeah, I know… This phone was announced like a year ago, but only just released here! It sucks that Europe and Japan get all the great phones sometimes years before we do! But I do have to say, the RAZR is quite possibly the best cell phone I have ever had! Great sound quality when placing phone calls!

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