Oh, The Weather Outside’s Getting Frightful

And we are without heat still. OK, I am officially starting to worry about the fact that my condo still has not sold. The furnace in our new house does not work, and the weather is definitely turning. I woke up this morning and my computer said it was 34º outside, the verge of freezing! I didn’t find the non-working furnace a problem when I bought the house in April, because that meant I had at least 6 months to sell the condo. Then I could use the money from that to get the furnace replaced.

Well, here we are on the verge of October, and three more price drops since we moved, as well as many more renovations to the condo to address issues that people didn’t like. I ask that everyone out there reading send out all the positive energy they can to get this condo to sell in a market that is bottoming out!

Once the condo sells then I will have the money to pay off the credit card I’ve been using to get us along these past 5 months, as well as the money to buy the new furnace. Ok, I am done with the whine blog. Just had to vent!


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