I’ll Take It As A Sign Of Good Things To Come!

So Dan thinks I am a bit weird for being so excited by this find in my backyard yesterday, but I can’t help it. For those of you that have been to my house, you know that right now my backyard is nothing but a mess of nasty weeds. Well, yesterday, I came home from work, and went to take out the trash. When I returned, and walked towards the back door, I saw this beautiful rose pictured above growing right outside the back door.

It is one single rose, but it is thriving in a place where I have not watered at all this past summer. I have been told by many co-workers that it is hard to grow a rose, so to have one this beautiful growing wild is a miracle according to them. With so much not seeming to go right lately, seeing this made me stop and think about how hard life can be at times, but if you work hard, the reward will be worth it in the end.

So with this rose, I have a renewed sense that things are going the way they need to, and that good things are on their way soon! Sorry for the mushiness, but I guess nature can have that affect on a person!


3 comments on “I’ll Take It As A Sign Of Good Things To Come!

  1. Oh, cool! Things like this are always a fun surprise and I hope that it is a sign regardless of Dan’s cynicism. 🙂 And stop apologizing for being yourself!

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