Yes, the first stills of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix are making their way online! This is the first one to be released. A few more are supposed to be on their way soon! For more info, see this link! It also mentions that a teaser trailer is on it’s way in the next month!

By qphayes Posted in News

2 comments on “I Say… SQUEAL!

  1. I really hope it’s better than Goblet of Fire. It was so cut-down, and so choppy to watch, leaping from scene to scene with little exposition, I was appalled – it looked great but it wasn’t actually coherent. It wasn’t a patch on the previous three films and I am always amazed how people could say it was any good. It was the first and only film in the series where I could easily say the book is SO much better – with the others, the films were all excellent interpretations, remaining very faithful in what they showed to the originals.

    I know Goblet is lengthy, as is Phoenix, so I fear the same slice and dice approach will be evident in the new film. I hope not, though. I love the Harry Potter series.

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