Elitch Garden’s Update

Well, it’s been a while since my last update on this progress. I have not been able to get any further information on how the sale is progressing. There are plenty of rumors going around, but nothing that can be substantiated. They have ranged from an investor in Las Vegas who is in negotiations to buy all six of the current properties Six Flags has for sale, to a local investor hell bent on converting it all to million dollar lofts.

A while back, I posted a letter that I had sent to Mayor Hickenlooper. Well, today I finally got a response. To see the letter I wrote him, see my previous post.

September 28, 2006

Dear Mr. Colburn:

I would like to thank you for your email concerning the actions by Six Flags of America in attempting to sell Elitch Gardens. I share your concern over the possible loss of this local landmark and recognize its many economic benefits to the City and County of Denver, and indeed, the metro area.

Unfortunately, this landmark is not locally owned. Its owner, Six Flags, Inc. is the largest theme park company in the world. Based in New York City and Dallas this publicly held company has a fiduciary responsibility to met shareholder concerns. As a business person, I have to respect the right of the Six Flags Board of Directors to make company decisions that reflect their responsibilities to their shareholders. Like you, I can only hope that any potential purchaser will keep the park running in its current state.

Again, thank you for your concern. Let’s hope that the culmination of this possible sale ends with the retention of this valuable Denver asset.

Mayor John W. Hickenlooper

I am glad to hear his concern for the park’s future, but it doesn’t sound like the City will be much help in fighting for keeping the park. It’s really difficult for me getting ready to go into what could possibly be my last season at the Haunted House. I have enjoyed running the tickets and dressing up as a ghoul for the past 8 seasons now, and to know this could be it is really sad.

Of course, I do find it odd, that with the park being for sale, and an uncertain future, that they are continuing with selling season passes for the 2007 season. What happens to all those passes once the park sells? That just seems weird, but I guess it does give me hope that maybe it will still be around next year. I will post more as I know it.


2 comments on “Elitch Garden’s Update

  1. Hey! I’m so grateful for this info! I am new to Denver and have been trying to experience Elitch’s since I got here but it hasn’t happened yet. I am really, really hoping that it stays.

    If you ever feel like showing a newbie all the wonders of the park, let me know. I feel like a big part of my Denver experience hasn’t happened yet.

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