Happy Halloween!!!

Well, it is finally upon us! Halloween is here! This will be my first year to get to hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters now that I have a house! The last time I dealt with trick-or-treating, I was the one getting the candy.

Sorry I haven’t been blogging much lately, with the Haunted House, I barely had the time to sleep! But this past Sunday was our last day, another fun year of scarring the piss (literally) out of people is over and done with. It’s sad it goes so fast! Yes, this year I got a 16 year old girl to pee her pants! She backed into me, turned around and saw me, fell to the ground, and proceeded to wet herself! We had some great people on staff this year. Our doorman was quite the character, and good at riling up the people before going into the house.

This past weekend, I had a little 4 year old come up to me, I don’t know that he was really scared, but he wanted to know if I was real… I got down on my knees to let him know that I was just an actor, and that all the make-up was fake. He asked why I would want to do such a thing, I told him it was to scare the grown-ups. He then wanted to know if I really had blood on my face, or what it was. I told him it was syrup, ya know, the stuff you pour on your pancakes, just red. He seemed a lot better after that, but still didn’t understand why, so I again told him it was to scare the adults, he had a jason mask on, so I told him to put it on, and he could go do the same thing! He left and I got the thumbs up from the parents, so I guess I did good. I normally try to avoid the young ones, but he came up to me. I hate the parents that force their kids in my face kicking and screaming, those are the ones that will be scarred for life!

We’ll see what next year brings for the haunt, with Elitch’s for sale, and our future uncertain, this may have been the end of it. We have had a number of companies look at the place this past month, hopefully some kind of announcement is coming in the next month. If one of the interested parties ends up buying us, they don’t do Halloween celebrations at their other parks, so it may all be over. But, on the plus side, they also don’t serve alcohol at their parks, so the issue of dealing with drunks would finally be over!

I wish you all a very scary Halloween, and hope the ghouls are good to you!


Great Fantasy MicroBus!

Saw this video, and immediately thought of the next gen VW MicroBus. I bet we’ll never see anything like this in production, but very cool none the less!

Kids Tell The Cutest Jokes!

So this weekend at the haunted house, I had a kid, probably 9 or 10 that really wanted to go into the haunted house, but as we have an age limit of 12, he was too young. I asked him to get his parents and see if they would take him in. He was like, how about I tell you a joke instead. Here is the joke he told me:

“What do the movies, Titanic and The Sixth Sense have in common?”

Icy Dead People

I got a great laugh, and really hated telling him, the answer was still no without an adult.