Ted Haggard Is Just Scary!

I came across this interview of Ted Haggard. It is truly scary to me that he had the opportunity to preach to thousands of people his beliefs. He is a very arrogant, pompous and hypocritical man, even though he is calling the interviewer the pompous man. Regardless of wether he did or didn’t have gay sex, this man needed to be taken out of his position of power. His hateful, and misleading rhetoric has no place in today’s society! As you will see, I think his interview speaks for itself. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t on that meth while being interviewed!

On a funny note, Dan passed on this hilarious link to me!


One comment on “Ted Haggard Is Just Scary!

  1. No, no, I believe him when he says he didn’t have sex. He ‘wood’ have had tina dick on the crystal so he would have been a limp lay anyway.

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