Colorado: Still the Hate State!

So, obviously, yesterday was the elections. And while we had some great victories in the State of Colorado, the election of Bill Ritter for Governor, and a swing of power in the House, we still had three major losses here. Musgrave still is in office, Amendment 43 was approved, and Referendum I was not approved.

So, obviously, Colorado proved they want change, but only if they can still be hateful. Since earning the reputation in 1992 for the Hate State with Amendment 2 which caused many people to boycott Colorado. For those that don’t remember: In 1992, Colorado voters approved Amendment 2 to the state constitution by a narrow margin (54% to 47%). According to the U.S. Supreme Court decision, it would have prohibited “all legislative, executive, or judicial action at any level of state or local government designed to protect the status of persons based on their ‘homosexual, lesbian or bisexual orientation, conduct, practices or relationships’.” It was deemed unconstitutional by the Colorado Supreme Court.

Fast forward to 2006, We had two ballot initiatives, Amendment 43 to protect marriage as between a man and a woman, and Referendum I that would grant Domestic Partnership rights to all citizens regardless of sex. I was getting hopeful when I saw that Ritter had won as Governor, but then the sad news came through that Amendment 43 had passed and Referendum I had failed. Once again putting Colorado back on the face of the Hate State! To add insult to the injury, the notorious Marilyn Musgrave who was one of the initiators of Amendment 43 won her district to stay in power. This woman who sees protecting marriage to be the most important issue facing Americans today, who has gone out of her way to strip any rights away from GLBT citizens of Colorado.

It is indeed a sad day for equality when these are the results we received here. I am tired of the religious hypocrisy, with people like Ted Haggard out there who are fueling the hatred against their own person, because they have been brainwashed to feel they are morally wrong. I don’t understand what it is that we are exactly threatening by asking for the right to equality. They feel that the very thread of their religion is being threatened by allowing the GLBT population to co-exist. We live in a country that believes in freedom and equality for all, or at least that’s what it was founded on. I understand that they feel that it’s wrong, and that’s fine, for them… But to tell me how I have to live my life, because it’s at odds with their “interpretation” of a book that is thousands of years old is not American in the true sense of the word.

I just hope that Amendment 43 can end up with the same fate as Amendment 2 did back in the early 90s, cut down and declared unconstitutional! By passing this Amendment, it has declared all GLBT citizens to be second class citizens, not worthy of all the same rights and protections of the heterosexual population. In my eyes, that is grounds for being declared unconstitutional just from the basis of equality alone!

Maybe it is time that the entire GLBT population in Colorado show the state just how much we contribute to society. Maybe it’s time we all make the move to Massachusetts or Canada. Maybe once we’re all gone, and they see how many stores no longer have people to run them… or money coming in from organizations such as the Gill Foundation, or all the charity work that the GLBT population contributes to the state, they’ll see just how valuable we are to them.

I am for one ready to start re-evaluating, and looking into moving and starting a new boycott on the state of Colorado! But then with the irrational thoughts that go through these people’s heads, they will celebrate and feel that we have become someone else’s “problem.” No, maybe we just need to stay, and continue to make their lives miserable, just as they have ours!


3 comments on “Colorado: Still the Hate State!

  1. “Revenge is a dish that is best served cold” and who better than to serve up a delicious meal of bitchiness and scorn than us here gays!

  2. It is depressing to encounter such prejudice and intolerance, to feel you are not valued and that there are those in the world who would kill us for our non-conformity to anything other than our natures. I get this on gay, I get this on paganism, I get this on being a poet… Prejudice, happy intentional ignorance, crappy jokes, hateful words…

    Like you, it fatigues me. Like you I still have fire in my belly and they ain’t put it out yet. They keep on trying but like a rubber ball I just bounce back!

    So I say to you: keep up the good fight. Right is on your side. All the wrong have is might, and fists and knives and bombs never won arguments. x

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